Irons/Pulling Teeth - Grey Savior LP

Following on the heels of the excellent playlist provided by Jacob Bannon, I want to let everyone know who doesn't know already about this phenomenal split album on Bannon's Deathwish label from Irons and Pulling Teeth.  Irons is the project of Bannon, Integrity vocalist Dwid Hellion, and artist Stephen Kasner. The four Irons tracks are ambient, droning soundscapes that represent "A collective effort to create apocalyptic, non-linear music from a primal fine art based mindset. With this release, Irons have forged a pensive sonic reflection ripe with melancholy and despair. Electronic textures, haunting vocals, and unorthodox guitar work all dance together to create an unforgettable melodic portrait that is unlike anything out there today" (from the Deathwish website).

The compositions from Baltimore hardcore band Pulling Teeth see them expanding their sonic pallet, lurching into new territory to create a more dense, melodic, and almost-doom laden pair of tracks that communicate many of the same emotions (despair, longing) found in the Irons tracks. (The second track is actually Bannon's remix of the final track from Pulling Teeth's album Martyr Immortal.) These songs fit perfectly with the Irons tracks, making this one of the best splits to be released in quite some time. I could play this record all day long, and I just might... 

You can get this in the Deathwish e-store along with a bunch of other fine releases, including new music from Victims, Starkweather (split with Overmars), New Lows, Rot in Hell, and Deafheaven.

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The Path Less Traveled Records said...

I didn't know PULLING TEETH had new stuff out. Thanks!