ITHI, Persistence in Meaning

While I haven't heard much of this yet, everything points to it being very, very good. First, it features Luke from Servile Sect (great band, that we've posted about before); second, it will be coming out on Utech Records; third,the layout is being handled by artist and HSS friend Kevin Gan Yuen (of Viraloptic), and last but not least, ITHI will be playing with Velnias and Lonesummer on May 11th in Brooklyn at The Acheron as well as the first-ever Utech Records Music Festival on June 11th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Oh, and did I mention it's being mastered by James Plotkin? I've had it described to me in a couple of ways, but two phrases that have been used to describe what you'll hear that have formed lasting impressions in my mind are  are "creepy-ass" and "layered noise." Can't possibly be bad, right?  Well, bet on it being out of this world. Not out yet, but coming soon... You can hear a sample on ITHI's website, here, and see more photos on Kevin's website, linked above.

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