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Jacob Bannon is the vocalist and visual artist for Converge. When not recording or touring with Converge, he has been hard at work on his solo recordings, his collaborative project, Irons, with Stephen Kasner and Integrity's Dwid Hellion. In addition to providing visuals for Converge, Jacob has produced artwork and visual identities for artists on his record label, Deathwish Inc., as well as many others involved in independent music and mixed martial arts communities. For more information, please check out and


Rose Kemp "Unholy Majesty"
Folk meets doom, meets rock, all powered by Rose Kemp's angelic/dynamic vocals ability.

Awe inspiring work from one today's most interesting musicians. Also be sure to search out her other available releases. They are essential.

Deafheaven "Roads to Judah"
My label was fortunate enough to release this album for San Francisco's Deafheaven. An incredible hybrid of a variety of styles of aggressive music.

Almost 40 minutes of highly emotional, melodious musical movements. Some would say they are Shoe-gaze meets Black Metal speed, but they are much more than that for me.

Oathbreaker "Malstrøm"
A brutally heavy and infectious album from a band that I find to be one of the best in metallic/hardcore today. You'll be hearing more from them soon.

Chelsea Wolfe "Apocalypse" and "The Grime..."
Both releases are a welcomed addition to my collection of newer records. Lo Fi, somber, moving, and at times even a bit fun.

Clearly she is Hope Sandoval and PJ Harvey influenced, but all of it is assembled in a sincere and exciting way. I'm a bit partial to the "ἀποκάλυψις" album.

Deaf Center "Owl Splinters"
Their "Pale Revine" album was essential listening for awhile for me, especially when traveling. "Owl Splinters" will now be that for me.

Haunting melodies mixed with transformative soundscapes, all complimented by a powerful visual aesthetic. Beautiful work.

How To Dress Well "Love Remains"
A strange and hypnotic musical experiment. Hook laden loops and samples, a lot of obscure R&B homage, and beautiful vocals creeping just below the surface.

Sometimes it's hard to figure out what you are listening to, but that is sort of the point. It all evokes something emotional through the process, and I can relate to that.

Warning "Watching From A Distance"
When I was a freshman in High School I was enthralled with Doom Metal for a bit. Trouble, Winter, Candlemass, early Crowbar, and Cathedral were a big deal to me.

After awhile I burned out on the genre. Thankfully a few years ago, I heard "Watching From A Distance" for the first time and the same rush came over me that did when I first experienced Doom.

"Watching From A Distance" is as powerful as a Doom album can be. Totally enveloping stuff.

Other Sounds: Since I am surrounded by music/art most of my day, I tend to turn to conversational radio and Podcasts as a break from that.

WBUR (local NPR Source)
I've listened to NPR for on and off since I was in high school.

Engaging conversation, informative interviews, and world news coverage through the BBC. Essential.

The Howard Stern Show
Love him or hate him, Howard is a legend of pop culture, and one of the most misunderstood public figures ever.

I've followed Howard off and on since I caught his Channel 9 show on a local television station while I was in High School.

The surface level lewd stuff gets boring for me, but the cast of characters, along with his ability to be one of the best interviewers out there, always makes for an interesting listen.

Since making the move to Satellite radio five years ago his show has been given more freedom than ever. If you haven't experienced the new Howard yet, and enjoy comedy, do it soon.

The Jordan Breen Show on Sherdog
To generalize, most MMA journalists are a strange bunch of social misfits and "Yes men". Thankfully, Jordan Breen is quite the opposite, and he is one of the best journalists out there for the sport.

His worldwide coverage and insight of the MMA world is essential listening for people that are looking to delve deeper into the world of Mixed Martial Arts, etc.

The MMA Hour w/ Ariel Hewani
Ariel and his show are sort of the opposite of Jordan's style of coverage for combat sports.
He's far less critical of the subject matter he covers, however his likability has allowed him gain access to people and stories that elude other journalists.

In the end, he brings some fantastic stories to the surface that wouldn't otherwise be heard.

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