Rosetta, A Determinism of Morality & East of the Wall, Ressentiment 2xLPs

Not sure how these sneaked past me, but they did. Lucky they're still available, because these are two double LP sets you're gonna want to pick up.

First, Rosetta's A Determinism of Morality... this "sludge" band from Philly just never fails to impress. This is their most ambitious record to date (it's their third album), taking their blend of space-rock, hardcore, and metal to new heights. The songwriting is unique, the musicianship unrivaled, the music heavy and loud as hell, and the energy they play with extreme. Excellent record that I can't say enough about. See them live when they play near you, because not only are they amazing live, but they're just about the nicest guys you'll ever meet. You can get this at Cavity Records in a number of different colors, or get it at Translation Loss along with the new one from...

East of the Wall. If they must fit into a category, it's probably "post-rock" or "post-metal" but those do these guys no justice. (Plus, I hate those "post-" tags...) They're not the typical band of those genres, as their songs are remarkably catchy, energetic and atmospheric. Technically amazing as well. The most meaningful word I can use to describe them is intense. I know, those are the buzz-words used for the genre, but you're gonna have to trust me. Go to their website, linked to above, to check out some clips. You'll understand when you hear them. As mentioned above, get the double gatefold LP from Translation Loss.

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