A Story of Rats, Relinquishment CS

First off, a stupendous "fuck you" to the US Postal Service. I found this in my mailbox today, dated February 22nd, 2011. Apparently, this was found somewhere in their local office gathering dust for two months. Better late than never, I suppose, but my apologies to Flingco Sound System on behalf of the USPS for their consistent ability to fuck shit up.

In any case, A Story of Rats, which in the instance of this release consists of Garek Druss (synths, harmonium, melodica, voice and electronics) and Matthew Merris (guitar), have put out this subtle piece of organ and field-recording based drone on the aforementioned FSS, and they have done an excellent job of doing so. The first cassette release for FSS, Relinquishment explores the same themes found in  Druss's visual work; it is heavy (not in a metal sense, but in almost a tangible,weighted sense), it is vibrant, and it is unrelenting.

A Story of Rats will be touring  the West Coast this spring with Wolvserpent; you can check those dates here. You may remember that when Wolverspent was still known as Pussygutt, Blake and Brittany worked with A Story of Rats on the collaborative double LP titled Sea of Sand, an exquisite hand-crafted package that is still available in select internet outlets.
Buy the CS edition of Relinquishment now from FSS.


Bruce Adams said...

Goddamn. Probably sat for a week in Chicago somewhere. Glad it arrived, eventually.

Krumbled Kookie said...

Me too. Love the tape. Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

ASOR has made me hallucinate in a live setting. Pure blackened depressive sound worship!!