Subrosa, No Help for the Mighty Ones

Simply put, this is one the best albums to be released thus far in 2011. Subrosa, out of Salt Lake City, walk a fine line between sludge, doom, folk, and other, harder to pin down sounds, making this record impossible to classify. All the better.

The serene violins will try to lull you into a state of calm while the down-tuned guitars and pummeling bass will crush you, beat you into submission... and the vocals will tear you limb from limb. No Help for the Mighty Ones is a beautiful and thunderous record, one that might not effect you with one listen, but if you give it time (and I obviously recommend that you do) will grab and hold your attention, allowing you to gradually fall in love with it.  Released by Profound Lore earlier this year, it is also available in the band's BigCartel Store. You can also get a t-shirt, hoodie, and poster there, but you've got to start with the music.  Don't let this record be one that you just let go; don't put it off. Listen to samples on the band's myspace page, buy the album now, and enjoy it for years to come.

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