Two New Cassettes from No Visible Scars

First, this AMAZING CS EP from Massachusetts death/grind band Blessed Offal. None of the frills of some of the more recent death metal, this is straight ahead brutality, the way death metal is "meant" to be. The thick, pounding bass and percussion renders this one o the heaviest things I've heard this year; definitely the best death metal I've heard this year. Honestly, it's not even close. This is dark, cold and sometimes doom-y, and it gets my highest recommendation. I'm delighted to know these guys are playing in my vicinity this summer - I will definitely make it out to see them. Can't wait to hear more from this band.

Thrashy black war metal from Tennessee's Elders of the Apocalypse.  Despite the cheesy-looking cover, this is actually pretty good. An all-out assault on humanity and everything peaceful. Chaotic, aggressive and over-the-top loud. Everything you can want from this style of metal.

Both of these cassettes are available now from No Visible Scars.  Both are limited to 100 and packed in 7' sleeves. Get on it now.

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