Velnias Tour Itinerary

Velnias, who are putting out their album Sovereign Nocturnal on wax (finally) via Vendetta, will also be playing a bunch of select dates in North America. Definitely a band you want to see live. They'll be playing a new song on this tour, will have copies of the LP available for sale, and will even be carrying a bunch of Woodsmoke stuff.  Essential.  Also, they're looking to play Richmond on May 10th, and they're having some trouble, so if you can help out, get in touch with me personally and I'll let you now how you can reach them.  Here's the schedule:

May 7th @ The Hair Hole (Columbia, MO) w/ Catheter, Streetwalker and Task Force
May 8th @ Cranky Yellow (St. Louis, MO) w/ TBA
May 9th @ The Green Womb (Nashville, TN) w/ Yautja and TBA
May 10th @ TBA (Richmond, VA) (HELP)
May 11th @ The Acheron (Brooklyn, NY) w/ Ruin Lust (Mike from Fell Voices new death metal project!), Lonesummer and ITHI (Luke from Servile Sect's noise project!)
May 12th @ TBA (Quebec City, QC, Canada)
May 14th @ Casa Del Popolo (Montreal, QC, Canada) w/ Monarch, Gates, The Body, Thantifaxath and Ensorcelor  - Mountains Of Might Festival (see previous post)
May 16th @ Pike's Cottage (Hinckley, ME) w/ Falls of Rauros and Terrible Old Man
May 17th @ TBA (Philadelphia, PA)
May 18th @ 15th House (Columbus, OH) w/ TBA
May 19th @ The Vollrath Tavern (Indianapolis, IN) w/ Charnel House and TBA
May 20th @ TBA (Bloomington, IN)

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