Aluk Todolo new releases

Aluk Todolo, as you probably know, have no equal. No band does what they do, and for that they deserve high praise. In today's musical landscape, especially in the world of metal, it has become increasingly difficult to do something original. Yet Aluk Todolo pull it off every time. Blending black metal, hazy psychedelics, drone, and kraut rock, and infused with the dark mystery of the occult, they are peerless. Each album is at the same time a revelation and invitation to visit something within yourself that you may not have known was there. And I've been told their live shows are an experience like no other...

The band has a few new releases out and available now. The first is Ordre, a 10" of older material from the Descension era that has surfaced on the Ajna Offensive. The album cover is what you see above.

Next, a collaboration LP with Der Blutharsch. That may seem like an odd pairing at first glance, but upon further reflection, it makes perfect sense. Lastly, a cassette release of a live recording from 2009 - Live at the Music Hall of Williamsburg the first of October MMIX. Both of these (and indeed the 10" mentioned above as well as all other Aluk Todolo releases) can be had from Amortout. if you're not in the mood to pay for currency conversion and international shipping rates, you may wait for the Ajna Offensive to get copies of the Der Blutharsch collab, though they will be limited and will likely go fairly fast.

These are not just records of music, but experiences. And if experiences mean anything to you, this is highly recommended. If not, move along.

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