Ash Borer Untitled LP on Pesanta Urfolk

The Ash Borer full-length cassette that came and went so quickly just a short time ago from Psychic Violence is being pressed to vinyl as I type this, to be released with a bunch of other AMAZING music on and around the Summer Solstice (Litha, for those keeping track) by my friend Adam over at Pesanta Urfolk. Pre-orders for this one are up now at the Pesanta webstore. Two editions are available - the standard edition will have a red on black foil printed gatefold cover, housing a 160 gram red vinyl. The limited edition gatefold will feature a black on black foil printed cover with a 200-gram vinyl, and will include a 24" x 36" poster of the original cassette artwork as well as an embroidered patch.

As I've previously mentioned, HSS will be running a contest in conjunction with Pesanta starting on June 1st, and running through the Litha holiday (June 21st). 4 of the 5 new Pesanta releases (Ash Borer, L'Acephale, Hail, Hell II, Vradiazei) will have special limited editions which you'll be able to win. More details coming soon.


Sanakan said...

Thanks for the heads up! Preordered :D

UA said...

I would love to see this thing on CD. I've probably listened to it 25 times by now.