Blue Sabbath Black Cheer New Releases

Harsh noise - high quality. First up, the Autophobia CS, limited to 100. Pro-pressed cassettes with screened labels.

Next, the Blue Sabbath Black Cheer/AstroMason split CS, also limited to 100 copies. Also pro-pressed cassettes with screen-printed labels. Side A is Hiroshi Hasegawa & Mason Jones, recorded live at Urga, Tokyo, Japan, October 28th 2010. Side B is Stan Reed and wm.Rage, recorded and mixed 2009/2011.
Also, pick up the Dried Up Corpse anti-7", Musique Concrète / Rock N' Roll. Coated with concrete on both side, and limited to only 40 copies.

These three releases can be had from Gnarled Forest. Order by emailing.

Last but not least, this Blue Sabbath Black Cheer C20 entitled Witches, again limited to only 100, can be ordered from Destructive Industries.

You guys know what to expect with this stuff. At least, I hope you do. Don't expect any of it to last very long, so if you find yourself curious and wanting these, get on it now.

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