Dhampyr, White Fire Laudanum

Newest offering of cold, suicidal depressive black metal from Rhode Island's Dhampyr. It's been characterized as Xasthur-worship by the band, so you know what to expect - dark, menacing, brooding black metal. Available by messaging the band on their Facebook page, or from Prison Tatt Records.

Dhampyr member Ronald Andruchuk is also a member of Gravesideservice, which is one of the most unique black metal bands I've heard. The music is haunting and sinister, but what makes it to unique is that they play black metal without guitars. It's eerie, but it's also outstanding. Malefic from Xasthur played bass on their forthcoming album Fog, but for now, you can get their CDs by messaging them on Facebook (linked above), or you can download Pope's Peers at their bandcamp page.

And you might care to know that if you buy from the bands, your money is going for a good cause. Mr. Andruchuk has a newborn with some serious medical issues, and could certainly use your help. Thanks in advance for helping out.

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