Famine, self titled LP

An album originally released in 2007, it has now been unleashed upon the unwitting black metal world in a remastered-for-vinyl form by new label Worthless Endeavors. A truly hateful, misanthropic, and occult black metal attack, Famine assaults the listener with buzzsaw guitars, hissed, snarled, and twisted vocals, and a fairly diverse array of sonic oddities, including violins and pianos - just to keep the listener off-guard and to increase the aura of evil that this album spews. 'Tis a strange record, indeed, but an altogether rewarding one, and one that I think you'll enjoy. It's available now, on heavyweight (180-200 gram) vinyl, in a gatefold jacket, and comes with a poster and a high-quality (mp3 or DVD-quality) download card. Deluxe to the max. It can be had from Worthless Endeavors (where you can also hear samples), if you want to support this young label that has been created with the sole intention of propagating the works of Worthless and Famine, with no political, geographical, or otherwise specific allegiances. Or, if you're watching your wallet, you can get it at a discounted rate from Hell's Headbangers.

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