Forest of the Soul, "Restless in Flight"

New from Bindrune Recordings, the third album from West Virginia's Forest of the Soul. Featuring two members of Nechochwen, Forest of the Soul's sound can't be pinned down, but they fit right along side their labelmates in Nechochwen, Blood of the Black Owl, and Celestiial. Their sound "encompasses the fluidity of  classical acoustic instrumentation, rock, folk, and an undeniable Appalachian Country spirit that stirs with the eclectic soul of their homeland." Very much looking forward to this, as Nechochwen's Azimuths to the Otherworld is one of my favorite albums.

Bindrune also has new music coming from Blood of the Black Owl and Obsequiae, so stay alert. We'll keep you posted.

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Sarah Frary said...

Anything from Bindrune is worth a listen. I enjoyed Forest of the Soul - thank you for posting.