Gates, The Prevailing Wind

HSS friend Bryan Bray, otherwise known as Gates, has completed and is now releasing his latest work, titled The Prevailing Wind. It was meant to be a companion to Moths Have Eaten the Core, as the music was invoked during the same sessions that produced that album. Dark Ambient music of the absolute highest quality. It is a cassette, limited to only 50 copies - to get a copy, keep your eyes on Astral Ra. You can listen to the A-side now at the Gates Bandcamp - side B will be available soon for streaming as well. While there, you can also listen to a live rendition of Moths,  titled They Hide in the Shadows, either in its entirety, or in three movements.

Gates is opening for Merzbow on Monday, in Toronto. If you happen to live in that area, get out to the show. The Horseshoe Tavern at 8:30PM. Amazing poster, as always, by Keven Gan Yuen.

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