Handmade Birds Pre-Orders!

R. Loren's label Handmade Birds is at it again, with another great string of new releases up for preorder right now. They will be ready for release on the Summer Solstice, and you can see the covers above. Two vinyls, two cassettes...

First, Servile Sect's newest offering of  noisy, psychedelic, haze-infused black metal, Trvth. This comes packed in a full-color gatefold (designed by Kevin Gan Yuen), is limited to 250 copies (125 black, 125 pink with mint green splatter), and has been mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin. Preorders get a free CD copy of Servile Sect's excellent 2010 album Realms of the Queen as well.

Second, a retrospective of the first 13 years of Der Blutharsch, entitled Werkshau:1997 - 2010. Perfect for the initiate to the band's work, but also essential for the long-time fan. Double 180 gram vinyl in a one-time edition of 500 with hand-numbered inserts, the first 250 of which will be signed by Albin Julius himself. The artwork, exclusive to this release, will feature black and red foil stamping on the outside. Once this is sold out, it's gone for good, so don't waste your time deciding on this. Pre-order it now, or cry later.

And for good measure, two amazing noise cassettes - the first called Winter Ghost, by Swamp Horse, a collaborative project with Josh Lay and Morgan Rankin. "A deep exploration of textures, as only this Kentucky blackened noise duo can do." A limited edition of 100 cassettes - 20 green and 80 smokey clear. The second cassette is Hostage Pageant's (Shane of Crooked Necks) Abuse Generator. Another limited edition of 100 which promises to revitalize your interest in the noise genre, and which features artwork by Joe Beres (of Small Doses).

All of these releases are up for pre-order now from the Handmade Birds Store. If you haven't picked up any of the previous releases, they're there as well, and since I've got them all, I can personally vouch for the great job Mr. Loren is doing with this young label. He and his label deserve your support. You get great records - he gets your money and gets to continue putting out great records. Win-Win.

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