Loss, "Despond" and Dark Castle, "Surrender to All Life Beyond Form"

With one of the most eagerly-awaited albums of the year, Nashville, Tennessee's Loss bring us Despond, which is sure to be on the grimmest, most depressing and crushing albums of the year. True to the funeral doom sound, their music is desperately slow, and... well, if you haven't heard them, then you need to get on this. Be prepared, though - this will crush your heart, your spirit, your soul. Available now on CD, and hopefully a vinyl edition at some point. A limited, matching t-shirt is available in the apparel section as well.

Florida's Dark Castle play an altogether different style of doom metal. A bit more progressive, a bit more melodic, but still very heavy-hitting. And I do mean heavy. Not melancholy in the way that Loss is, but it's not exactly pop music, either. This is still doom that will pummel you into submission. The album was produced by Sanford Parker (which instantly means it's a keeper), who also makes a guest appearance on the album. Other guests include members of Nachtmystium, YOB and US Christmas.

Both of these are essential albums, and are available for order now from the always awesome Profound Lore.

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