Midday Veil, Eyes All Around LP

Many months back, I received a promo CD of this in the mail. At the time, I was not familiar with either Midday Veil or Translinguistic Other, the label that put this LP out. I played the CD a few times and dug the hell out of it. Catchy, psychedelic, kraut-ish, and just impossible not to love, especially considering the dead-sexy female vocals all over it. Then, I lost the CD, and could not remember the name of the band or label, so I was up the creek, so to speak. I missed it, but had no way of getting it back. Until now.

I saw this album written up on OMG Vinyl and the second I saw the artwork I knew I had found it. This is not typical of what we talk about on HSS but this record is terrific. Trippy and as catchy as anything you'll hear. Pick up the white vinyl at Translinguistic Other.

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