Petrychor, Effigies and Epitaphs

You may... excuse me - SHOULD - remember the Petrychor EP Dryad from a while back. The donations made when downloading it from the artist's Bandcamp went towards the production of this full length, which has been eagerly awaited to say the very least.

It's finally here, and it was worth the wait, as Petrychor has made an outstanding album melding black metal with folk and classical music. The first words that come to mind when listening to this music are "spellbinding," "enchanting," and "beautifully cathartic." But most often, I'm simply at a loss for words, my mouth agape in wonder at how stunningly alluring this is. One might even use the word divine; there is certainly an angelic quality to this album. Through all the acoustic and stringed interludes, there is an element of delicate aggression and mesmerizing fury, as if to say "How dare you destroy what I hold to be so inherently pure?" Petrychor finds elegance, albeit a melancholy form of it, amidst the chaos.

It's still early in the year, and way too early to make such declarations, but this will certainly be high on the list of best albums of 2011.

This will see a physical release via Khrysanthoney very soon, but you can download it now from the Petrychor Bandcamp. And when you do, please consider making a donation to support the artist.

For more info, Petrychor's homepage is here.


Stoneborn Ravens said...

There is no denying that this guy is a fantastic guitar player, however that album cover is jsut something else... really, no good at all. Also, I find that the drums sound like Black Metal DDR.

Anonymous said...

Excellent album.
Worst album cover I think I've ever seen..

Anonymous said...

Terrible album cover, and if I'm not mistaken, the guy behind Petrycor is some type of baptist fuck.

Anonymous said...

Just fucking pathetic to see a great band judged by their album cover and some bullshit internet rumors (T. is an atheist by the way, ask him yourself).