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André Foisy is a founding member of Locrian and runs the small label, Land of Decay, with Terence Hannum. In addition to releasing music with Locrian, Foisy has released a handful of solo releases—most recently a tape on Stunned Records. André also has releases on Utech Records, Small Doses, At War With False Noise, and Bloodlust!. Foisy also teaches courses in cultural anthropology at Columbia College Chicago. For more information, please visit

These are the ten releases that I have listened to most recently. For real!

Reptile Worship “Obeisance” cassette (Nictitating, 2010)
Reptile Worship are two guys from Wisconsin who, to my knowledge, make their own analog electronics. Really bleak industrial sounding drones. Great stuff. My new project with Neil Jendon and Mike Weis played a show with these guys a few months ago and they were amazing. You can pick up the tape here. Apparently they are a “tribute” to David Icke and his conspiracy theory that a secret group of reptile humanoids rule the world and that many world leaders are merely reptiles disguised as humans. Fun stuff.

Led Er Est “Dust on Common” CD (Weird Records, 2009)
One of the great releases from 2009 that I slept on until recently. Really great dark pop from a consistently great label.

Daryll Hall – “Sacred Songs” (RCA, 1980)
A really weird pop album that I’m addicted to lately even though parts of it are quite awful. Robert Fripp played guitar on the album and produced it. Apparently, RCA refused to release this initially because there wasn’t a single. This album was one of the first releases that featured Fripp’s Frippertronics tape loop system. I wish that more pop albums were equally as weird.

Current 93 “Baalstorm, Sing Omega” digital file (Coptic Cat, 2010)
Really emotionally powerful and probably my favorite Current 93 release. ” I dreamt I was Æon” is probably my favorite song at the moment. Lots of great textures in this album.

Xeno and Oaklander “Sentinelle” (Weird Records, 2009)
I have listened to this album every other day for over two weeks. Another album I slept on until recently. This is Xeno and Oaklander’s first full length album and it’s a piece of work. Beautiful dark pop music. This displays the genius of Sean McBride’s synth playing.

Lotus Eaters “Wurmwulv” (Taiga, 2011)
Just got this release in the mail. The second LP has a beautiful etching on one side. The whole album design is phenomenal. Really beautiful soundscapes throughout this album. Great stuff that I missed out on when it was originally released a few years ago. I wasn’t sure what to expect from collaboration between Stephen O’Malley, Aaron Turner, and James Plotkin. I’m not sure quite how to describe it yet, but I recommend checking it out. Great stuff that I’m sure I’ll be listening to for a while.

Anthrax “State of Euphoria” LP (Island, 1988)
Totally appropriate for the first days of what feels like summer. I’m still looking for a pair of vintage “Not Man” shorts though.

Ô Paon – “Courses”(Taus, 2010)
This is probably my favorite release from last year. It’s really haunting. I like that all of the songs are in Quebecois French and that they are ruminations on violence, alienation, greed and pollution. Depressing stuff that’s a lot heavier than most bands with big amplifiers and detuned guitars.

Fly Pan Am – “S/T” digital file (Constellation, 1999)
My favorite Fly Pan Am album that I revisited recently. I saw them play music from this album around 1999 in St. Catherine, Onatrio and it was really powerful to watch them perform this stuff.

Gavin Breyers “Sinking of the Titanic” – check it out on NPR
This is one of the saddest pieces of music that I can think of. It’s Breyers’ interpretation of a band playing a hymn in the final moments of the Titanic sinking. There’s apparently an old LP version of this track floating around from the 60s that is supposed to be phenomenal.

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