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Michael Bjella is a musician, a record label owner and a graphic designer. He has been involved with bands such as Wellington and Unruh, with releases on labels that include Deep Six, King of the Monsters, Pessimiser Theologian, and Willowtip. His current project, Gog, has a number of recordings released by Utech Records and Bjella's own label, Sounds of Battle and Souvenir Collecting. In addition to his own releases on SOBASC, he has also put out records by Bender, The Crowned Heads of Europe and Servile Sect, the latter of which was re-released by Thurston Moore's label, Ecstatic Peace, with new artwork from Bjella. For more information, please visit and SOBASC's Facebook page.

Here are a few things that came to mind when asked to contribute. Along with some newer releases I mixed in some older stuff that just won't go away and hopefully you'll connect with them just as much as I have.

Witch-Lord self titled demo ( title?)
Just found out that this is coming out on vinyl on A389 Records, hopefully soon. Can't wait to get one! Pick it up when it comes out.

Clair Cassis, Luxury Absolute & the self titled EP
Evil Luxury. I imagine perfume parabens and white iron-oxide makeup soaking into a rich socialites body. You can almost visualize the poisons seeping into them and hear them as they begin to quickly eat away at their charity for they're fellow human. Sorry, got carried away by the sounds. Clair Cassis is somehow related to Velvet Cacoon and just like Velvet Cacoon this can be very polarizing either you love it or you hate it. "Luxurious black metal inspired by drugs, fine perfume and graveyards." Awesome!

The Crowned Heads Of Europe, WITNESSETH, LP, Sounds Of Battle And Souvenir Collecting
Planning a reissue on my own imprint soon, when I say soon I mean in a couple of years. I don't know what happened to them really they sort of disappeared. Obviously this is, in my opinion way underrated. Sounds so good on vinyl too.

Stars of the Lid, The Ballasted Orchestra
I absolutely love this record. I enjoy all the SOTL records but this one stands out to me. As I was putting this together I watched the movie Waste Land and they use a couple of songs from this album in the film, amazing movie too! "Stirring evidence of the transformative power of art and the alchemy of the human spirit."

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