Playlist: Rik Garrett

Rik Garrett is a photographer currently based in Chicago, Illinois. His photographs have been used in artwork for albums by Sum of R, Ural Umbo, Tannen, The Secret, and Plague Bringer. He has exhibited his work both nationally and internationally, in cities that include Chicago, New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Zurich. He is currently working on making a limited edition of handmade books that contain images from his recent Symbiosis series. In addition to his photographic work, he also runs Transmute, a blog which features interviews with visual artists. For more information, please check out,, and

Recent books read
Compendium Maleficarum – Francesca Maria Guazzo
Fulcanelli - His True Identity Revealed - Patrick Riviere
Pere Goriot - Balzac
Madame Bovary – Gustave Flaubert
Philosopher’s Stone: Alchemy and the Secret Research for Exotic Matter - John P. Farrell

Books currently reading
Thee Psychick Bible – Genesis Breyer P-Orridge
The Secrets of the Alchemists - George Constable, ed.
Alchemy: An Introduction to the Symbolism and the Psychology (Studies in Jungian Psychology) - Marie-Louise Von Franz

The best movies watched / re-watched in the past year
Possession (1981)
The Affairs of Anatol (1921)
Supervixens (1975)
Blind Beast (1969)
Private Parts (1972)

Inspirational for current body of artwork
Falling in love
Hans Bellmer
Pierre Molinier
Steven Johnson Leyba
David Cronenberg
Tetsuo: the Iron Man
Mating habits of the anglerfish

Daily timeline:

Leaving the house
Utarm – Panic Chamber
Burzum - Filosofem
Darkestrah - Epos
Pensees Nocturnes – Vacuum
Von Goat – Septic Illumination

Listen to while taking photographs
Ural Umbo
the band now known as Wolvserpent

Listen while making things
Xasthur - Portal of Sorrow
Runhild Gammelsaeter - Amplicon
Menace Ruine - Union of Irreconcilables
Throbbing Gristle
Marcia Basset & Jenny Graf - Peradam
Cultus Sabbati
Bloody Panda

Evening listening
Ray Charles
Saint Vitus
Jerry Lee Lewis
Wanda Jackson
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
Black Sabbath

Viewing while cooking
The Century of the Self (BBC)
The Occult History of the Third Reich
Secrets of the Occult: The Magicians

Evening viewing
Fleischer Brothers cartoons

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