Pyrrhon, An Excellent Servant But a Terrible Master

If you watch most of my posts, you'll notice that I'm not into a whole lot of death metal. That said, though, I know good death when I hear it. And this is fucking good. Aggressive, belligerent, and highly technical death metal out of NYC. These guys, who are all younger than 25 years old, can play their asses off, and they're not afraid to show it. But this doesn't sound overly-technical; it's not flashy, and they're not showing off. They simply use their superb skills as a means to achieve an extreme end. I thought this might take some time to pull me in, but I was hooked right away. That doesn't necessarily mean that you will be; this is by all means challenging music. But if you're a fan of extreme music, there's something here that will appeal to you. Be it the powerful, driving and complex rhythms, the brutal tenacity and relentless abandon that the band plays with, or the monster riffage - there's nothing about this not to like. Pretty much a perfect death metal album.

The album was recorded early this year at Bad Lab Studios in New Jersey by Dan Pilla, and mastered by Colin Marston (of Krallice, Dysrhythmia, Gorguts) at his Thousand Caves Studio in NYC.

The band is presently looking for a label to release and distribute An Excellent Servant But a Terrible Master, but if you want to hear it (and you do - you certainly do), you can download it (pay what you want) on their Bandcamp page. They have Facebook and MySpace pages, and can be reached via email here.

The download is pay-what-you-want, but since the band funded this out of their own pockets, do what you can to show them some love. SUPPORT.

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