Reuben Sawyer, Wool Fever - at the Ruins Shop

If you are a fan of dark ambient, drone, or black metal, then I'd suggest you acquire a copy of this. It's something of a departure from Reuben Sawyer's other works, but no less extraordinary.  Perfect for thunderstorms, or for freaking out in your dreams. According to the label:

"Eerie low end drones, dry / processed gongs, voice and percussion guide the listener through a diverse, textured journey fluttered with recordings of natural sounds and sparse electronics. "

Comes with 20 Minutes of bonus material gathered from out of print CD-rs.

Total runtime is 52 Minutes. "

What's more, the artwork, which goes with the music it represents absolutely perfectly, is done by Rainbath Visual.

Pick one up today at the Ruins Shop. Ruins also has some pretty interesting non-musical stuff going on too, so check them out. They will have some great stuff coming, as well. Check out some audio clips here.

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