Rhuith Update

Beau was a big Rhuith fan, and is to this day is working with Rhuith on a couple of releases for Deathsmile. I'm a fan as well, as I know some of you are; but for whatever reason, I have not posted on the releases this Italian one-man black metal act has seen released. I suppose, then, it's time to make amends.

The photo you see above is for a tape called Darkness Moves. It is available from the band by emailing here or, if you're in North America, from Tour De Garde. Great stuff, right here. Even an Emperor cover.

This next tape is called Zona di Morte Illuminata. More good stuff - really, really good. Noisy and maybe a little more experimental. Collaboration on here with HSS friend and favorite Lonesummer, and a Depeche Mode cover. Essential. Can be obtained from Cocainacopia, or from the band my emailing at the link above.

Last but not least, you can get the newest release, February, the first in a series of collaborations with Rotorvator, from Dokuro Records. No picture, but you can check out a track on the Rhuith page linked at the beginning of this post.

Always keep your eyes open for Rhuith stuff - this dude kills it, one release after another.

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