Runhild Gammelsæter - Amplicon LP

Runhild Gammelsæter's first solo recording is now available on vinyl from Little Black Cloud. Amplicon was originally released in 2008 by our friends at Utech Records, as part of their URSK series with artist Stephen Kasner. The vinyl edition features new artwork, painted by Runhild herself.

The first pressing is limited to 100 copies, with special packaging.

From the Little Black Cloud site: "The first 100 LPs are raw clear vinyl (no center label) within a clear plastic picture disc sleeve. There will be a two sided full color insert featuring her self portrait on one side and artful album details on the other. The entire package will then be wrapped in white cotton webbing with a handwritten line of lyric (written by Runhild) tucked into the webbing. This entire production will be placed in a polybag for protection. To listen to the record you will have to break it out the record from it's soft cocoon."

The Amplicon LP is expected to ship June 7th. You can pick it up at Little Black Cloud's shop.

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Krumbled Kookie said...

That album is one of the most frightening things I've heard, musically speaking. I love it.