Seidr, For Winter Fire - Shipping Now

Just a reminder to folks how may not have picked this up yet that the debut album from Seidr (featuring Panopticon's A. Lunn and Crow from Wheels Within Wheels, among others) is shipping now from Flenser Records. One of the heaviest and most brutally beautiful doom albums you'll hear, that's for sure. Hard to believe this is their first record, considering the three demos that have been out over the past couple years. But it's all paid off, as the Seidr sound has been refined and brought to what you'll hear on this record -  a mix of classic heaviness a la Katatonia and Asunder with folk instrumentation and aesthetics. But Seidr have their own sound, and will carve out their own place in the doom world - no doubt. These guys should be putting out records for a long time.


rasputin said...

can't wait to get my copy, been waiting for months =(

maskofgojira said...

I wish these guys would get bigger, it's rare for doom metal bands to sound as original or good on a debut full-length.

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