Simple Box Construction/A Death Cinematic Update

Many things a-stirring from the world of Simple Box Construction, the home of A Death Cinematic. The first you see above - A Death Cinematic's Your Fate Twisting, Epic in its Crushing Moments CD EP. Half an hour of music spanning two tracks. "All artwork, design and layout by simple box construction. each hand made cover consists of a hand printed chipboard sleeve with a hand punched window, a photo print of a drawing framed in american sycamore veneer." In other words, this is handmade quality shit we're talkin' here (thank you Ben Stiller). Only $8 postage paid in the US or Canada, or $10 to the rest of the world. A bargain, obviously. Limited to 50 copies only.

And coming soon...
The long-delayed split between A Death Cinematic and Great Falls. Layout, design and drawings from Demian Johnston, and photos by Simple Box Construction. On Dead Accents.

Finally, coming soon on Small Doses... the A Death Cinematic split with Ekca Liena. This will be a high-quality CDr, featuring artwork by Dan from Ekca Liena, and a photo from each artist, as well as a Simple Box Construction drawing.

Keep your eyes peeled, none of this is to be taken lightly or missed.

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a death cinematic ::: simple box construction said...

there is a small correction. the veneer in the ep cover is red gum and not american sycamore. i was thinking of another project that will feature american sycamore.