Touché Amoré, Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me

One of 2011's most highly anticipated albums, finally available to order from our friends over at Deathwish Inc. Besides the standard vinyl edition , digital download, and CD, you can order t shirts, hoodies, posters, and a pretty sweet Touché Amoré slipmat for your record player.The deluxe vinyl edition appears to have sold out, but it looks like it may be repressed.

The album does not disappoint. 13 songs, nearly 21 emotional minutes of hardcore/screamo intensity. It's beautiful, it's passionate, it's catchy, aggressive and most importantly, genuine - perhaps their best record yet. There's not much about Touché Amoré to not love, so pick up the records and other merch, and see a show, because their live sets are killer.

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