Amebix - Knights of the Black Sun 12 " single

I wasn't going to post this, just because I figured everyone knew about it (and also because I questioned why a 12" with just one 5 minute song was necessary) but after hearing the song, I can't NOT post it. The song is epic and beautiful, while still powerful, edgy, and intense. Definitely a departure from the crust the legendary band is known for, but is no doubt as good as anything they've done. Profane Existence still has the 12" maxi-single, which features just this song, but pressed at 45 RPM (with a decorative etching on the b-side) available for preorder, but this should be shipping any day now if it hasn't started already.

And to think... this is just a taste of what the full-length, due in the fall, will sound like. Catch the video here.

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Andy said...

Thank you for the kind review. It was a privilege and honor working with them on the animation, considering I grew on their music and imagery. Cheers, Andy