Barghest LP/shirt

We did an interview with Dallas from Baton Rouge's Barghest a while back, when only the cassette version of their album was available. Now, our friend Adam at Gilead Media has unleashed the preorder for the 180 gram vinyl edition. No-nonsense, hateful black metal. No strings, no folk, no pretty interludes... just pure misanthropic black metal of the highest quality. These should ship by the end of June, and they will come with a button and a patch.
You can also order your LP with a sick-looking quality t-shirt. $21 for an LP and a shirt is pretty damn reasonable if you ask me. (As an aside, Gilead also has label shirts available, with their new "Tower" logo. Not part of the preorder, but worth mentioning, if you need to show the world your love for Gilead.)  Get your preorder on, here.

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