Hollow Sunshine - Grey Again

Our friend Reuben Sawyer's project, Hollow Sunshine, has a new cassette out on Bridgetown Records.

From Bridgetown's site:

"Reuben Sawyer's offers a radical departure from his previous solo efforts on Bridgetown with this new cassette and an instantly-sold-out LP on Vendetta. His Hollow Sunshine project distills elements of doom, metal and shoegaze genres into a new form with a decidedly less bleak outlook than his contemporaries. On Grey Again, a diverse range of influences are condensed into the relatable pop song aesthetic, proving Sawyer's proficiency not only with the visual arts and ambient sound composition, but in the arena of the full band as well."

Grey Again is limited to 75 ferric cassettes with glossy greyscale printing. You can pick it up from Bridgetown's shop for $6, or as part of a few package deals they are currently offering.

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