Josh Lay & Teeth Collection LP + CDr

We're generally pretty picky about the noise releases that we review here. The noise genre is awash with garbage; anyone with a mic and the ability to just make nonsensical noise thinks they can just release a record, call it noise, and be lauded for it. Not interesting. Not even a little.

That said, though, there are artists within that genre that are doing great things to save the scene, so to speak. Two of those artists are Josh Lay, and Matthew Reis (Reis is otherwise known as Teeth Collection). They've recently released a collaborative LP + CDr of some amazingly intense noise/drone that has my jaw on the floor as I type this. The music begins on the LP (presumably) and ends on the bonus CDr, which contains collaborative material that was recorded in the same sessions (like 3 years ago) as well as some solo work from each of these noise pioneers. The noise here ebbs and flows and spins off in different directions almost constantly, but the foundation lies in some repetitive and infectious drones that will keep your ears fixed before destroying them. At one point on the CDr, I truly thought the speakers on my sound system were going to rupture, as the feedback became very intense and very loud (obviously) for a short yet glorious time.

It should be pointed out that this isn't HNW-type noise. This takes on a more droney and even psychedelic quality at times that sets it apart from HNW and from the rest of the noise genre as a whole. This is really trippy and enjoyable material, and I give it a very high recommendation. It comes in a sick-looking hand screened jacket as well. If you think you're game, it can be had, for a price, from Lay's Husk Records or Reis's Factotum Tapes.

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