Life in the Dark, Hushed Bloom CS

We're big fans of Zen Zsigo around here. Over the past couple of years, he has revealed himself to be a man of many talents; indeed, one of his various projects is always playing, it seems. Be it the hardcore/screamo assault of Maths, the industrial power-electronics and noise of Cremation Lily, or the crushing ambient atmospheres of the difficult-to-categorize Life in the Dark, there is something for everyone. Or no one.

Hushed Bloom is the latest cassette from Life in the Dark, and it manages to achieve a new level of haunthing brilliance. Two tracks of 15+ minutes each, and they both take us through places that are incredibly beautiful while drowning us in gloomy, murky atmospheres. Zen has referred to it as "industrial insomnia" and that is certainly an apt descriptor.

The A side features the track "Hushed Bloom," which uses keyboard, synth, and drum machine to build a frame around Mr. Zsigo's vocals, which, for me at least, are the focus here. His voice, though somewhat hushed, stands out, acting as the cinder block tied to our feet, dragging us down to the bottom of this dark river. We should be appreciative for such a death, though; his voice is sublime and gorgeous, and the slowcore pace will allow us to die slowly enough so that we can later savor the cold, nighttime water entering our lungs and silencing our breath. The second side, "Comadeth," is also a nocturnal animal, and there is no light at the end of this tunnel of textured ambiance. The moon's glow is no longer visible - there is no turning back, no swimming to the surface. No escape, and no future.

Nevertheless, this is a sublime, ethereal, and enchanting way to die.

This cassette is limited to only 25 copies, so if you'd like to hear this and/or die like this, you'd best move quickly to Sunyata Recordings to purchase one.

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