New Cassettes from No Visible Scars

Two more excellent cassettes from one of my favorite DIY cassette labels, No Visible Scars. The first is straight out of those great gore movies of the late 70s and early 80s - Death Factory's Chilling Impressions. Easily described as industrial/power electronics with fine atmospherics. 29 minutes of creepy music providing the soundtrack to your scary movie nightmares.

The second is the newest cassette from one of the best harsh noise projects currently in existence - Flesh Coffin. Best described by the label -

"A harsh noise soundtrack derived by the ominous and bleak stillness of the shadows in the Norwegian winter woods."  

Indeed. Excellent stuff. As grim and frostbitten as it gets.

Both of these cassettes are available in hand-numbered editions of 50, dubbed on white chrome tapes with stickers, packed in a 7" EP sleeve and bag. You can check out both of them at the No Visible Scars Bandcamp page, and can purchase them here. For more info, go here.

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