New Releases from Khrysanthoney

I could have posted pictures for each of these releases, but this gives you the pics plus some more information. And I'm busy, so sue me.

A whole slew of essential new releases from Khrysanthoney Records. First, the Petrychor double CD, featuring the Dryad EP and the new full-length Effigies and Epitaphs, which we told you about here. Beautiful, sprawling black metal that will be a contender for album of the year for many people, I suspect. Limited to 400.

Next, two releases from the mysterious Clair Cassis. I could tell you things about CC, but they're probably not true. Or perhaps they are, but in time, they won't be. Who knows? I guess that's sort of the point... or it's not. Anyway, the Luxury Absolute EP is out now on CD. 20 minutes of lo-fi but elegant black metal, packed in a DVD-size digibook. Limited to150.  Also available from Clair Cassis is the vinyl edition of the II mini-album. 250 copies - 150 black, 100 clear, packed in an extra-thick jacket.

Last but not least, the long-awaited double vinyl edition of Velvet Cacoon's 2002 debut album, Dextronaut. This is from the original unmastered recordings, with two songs that were eliminated from the first pressing of the CD. Again, 250 copies, 150 black, 100 clear, packed in an ultra thick case wrapped gatefold jacket.

Absolute must-haves, all the way around. Order them now from Khrystanthoney.

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