Oathbreaker, Maelstrom LP

It's pretty much known by now that anything Deathwish releases is going to be killer. This album exceeds even those high standards and lives up to the promise that fans of Belgian hardcore band Oathbreaker have been expecting since the first EP came out a couple of years ago. If you're not familiar with Oathbreaker, do yourself a favor and head over to the Deathwish website where you can stream this album in its entirety. One listen should have you sold on how good this actually is. Driven by a system that the band has seen fail continuously and habitually, this album is best played as loud as you can take it. In your face, balls-out hardcore with a metal edge that is unrelenting, powerful, and just chaotic enough to leave you wanting more. This is not a release you want to miss, so go here to order it - it's shipping now. Available digitally, on CD, and as a 12" vinyl in white or brown. Also some great t-shirts available.

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