Pesanta Contest Winners

And, the winners are...

The grand prize will be awarded to Sean Fitzgerald. The runner-up prize goes to Jean-Michel Dumas. Both have been contacted via email regarding their winnings.

Both winners were chosen at random, obviously, just as we have done before.

Many heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated. We send you great thanks for reading and supporting HSS and for your support of Pesanta Urfolk.

Now, the very exciting news is that the Vradiazei, Hell II, and L'Acephale LPs are all available for pre-order now. Go to the Pesanta Urfolk BigCartel store to place your preorders now. They are running late from the pressing plant, but as we all know, the fine arts can not be rushed. Quality of this magnitude is of course worth waiting for. Here is more information, from the first Pesanta Newsletter, which went out last night:

On to the news...

Ash Borer - Full Length (Pesanta Urfolk 009)
We greatly appreciate the overwhelming positive support for this release - Due to some issues at the pressing plant the release is running a little late. I've received confirmation from the press that the records will arrive on the 2nd. All boxes have been labeled and are ready to ship out as soon as the vinyls arrive. Individual email confirmations will be sent out once the records hit the post. If you've pre-ordered this already, thank you for your patience.

Other Midsummer releases...
Unfortunately it seems that all of the releases planned for midsummer are delayed, and some more than other. Much to my chagrin I've had to reject multiple test pressings for *all* of my forthcoming releases, which is holding things up pretty significantly. However they should all be shipping around the time of Lughnassadh.

Pesanta Urfolk 005: Vradiazei (12")
This dark and mysterious folk project from Olympia, Washington presents us a full-length of new and rerecorded material - The A Side features new material written   last winter specifically for this record. Side B features rerecordings of material featured on their two previous tape releases, with the addition of lead vocalist Christine (of Christian Mistress) the 4 part harmonies are simply haunting.

The jacket is a screenprinted style 400gsm stock, one of the heaviest available, with a fully printed inner sleeve.

Pressed in strict editions of 300 black, 100 gold and 100 bronze.

Now available for pre-order.

Pesanta Urfolk 006: HELL II (Double 12")

The second part of the HELL trilogy, remastered and repressed from the Eternal Warfare tape release will follow in the aesthetic footsteps of HELL I. Remastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound for the most optimal and oppressively earth shaking tones, this double LP will feature three sides of some of the most tortured doom this current era has known and a fully detailed etched D Side.

HELL II is being pressed in a strict edition of 646, on black and blood-red vinyl. Presented in heavy weight jacket, this release will include a 12"x24" insert, a vinyl sticker and digital download code.

Now available for pre-order.

Pesanta Urfolk 007: Hail - Frozen Grave (Double 12")

One of the most elusive Hail demos, Frozen Grave, is now receiving the vinyl treatment it deserves. This double LP features an undescribable mix of neo-folk and black metal that only Hail delivers so well.

Presented in a heavyweight foil printed jacket, this release will feature a 8 page art and information booklet. Pesanta is also very excited to present this release with laser etched center labels. That's right, no paper labels, each side will be etched fully with outstanding detail. This is a rare presentation for vinyl and will greatly add to the beauty of this release.

Strict pressing of 323 in glacial white (white and ultra clear), 270 in glacial blue (white and transparent ice blue) and 222 in Finnish blue.

Available soon for pre-order.

Pesanta Urfolk 008: L'Acephale - Stahlhartes Gehäuse (Gatefold Double 12")

L'Acephale needs no introduction. At Pesanta we consider Stahlhartes Gehäuse to be one of the most layered and dense albums released in many years. This tour-de-force will be released in an ultra deluxe double LP format - the heavy 350gsm gatefold jacket will be highlighted by spot varnishing, a detailed etched D-Side, a 7" 24-page booklet reprinting of the booklet featured within the CD version and a 250gsm 12" x 12" hand-numbered insert. Simple text surely will not do justice to the beauty of this release.

Pressed in a strict edition of 323 gold, 290 golden haze, and a stunning set of 123 picture discs. The purchasers of the first 50 picture disc orders will receive their initials handwritten above the edition number.

A limited number of Stahlhartes Gehäuse will be presented in a custom crafted, engraved and weathered steel box. These may or may not be made available for purchase. News on this to follow...

Available now for pre-order.

On the Horizion...

Pesanta Urfolk will be printing shirts within the next few weeks. If you are interested in pre-ordering a Pesanta shirt (available in t's, girl's and long-sleeve), please email to express your interest - Pre-orders will receive a hefty discount on shirts. If you enjoy the records Pesanta has been presenting, this will be a great way to show your support!

The HELL I box has been reworked a bit, it's release has been moved back to the winter/spring once the entire trilogy has been completed and released - The 23 bloodstained boxes will contain the entire trilogy, held safe under iron lock and key. It will contain everything within each prior release, plus an exclusive long sleeve shirt, multiple patches, 52"x40" screen-printed poster. All posters (included the HELL I poster) will be shipped flat rolled. Only 13 of the 23 will be available to the public. We will not accept pre-orders on this, at least not anytime soon - sorry.

Material for HELL III is in the works, and will go straight to vinyl on Pesanta to complete the trilogy. We expect to have this released in the late fall.

Pesanta will be releasing a series dedicated to one of our most influential co-conspiritors, Woodsmoke. This will be a 4 part series of material originally released on tape by Woodsmoke. The first 12" of the series will be Destruction Ritual, and will contain a 7" of unreleased material. The other releases will remain secret until they are available for pre-order.

I feel truly honored that Fauna has signed on to work with Pesanta for the release of their next two albums. Avifauna is expected to be released by Yule of MMXI. Limited and standard vinyls will be available, this will also be one of Pesanta's only delving into the world of CDs.

Asides from these releases
Pesanta Urfolk has over 20 projects planned over the next two years. A short list of other artists Pesanta will be working with in the very near future: Skagos (Ast, finally!) OWWL, Merkstave, Velnias, Kinit Her, novemthree, Ghäst, more Hail, more Lasher Keen... and many more... so many more...

That is all for now!

Again, many, many thanks to everyone for participating, and the warmest of thanks to Adam of Pesanta for having the generosity in his heart to offer such nice packages to a couple of our readers. 

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