Playlist: Kevin Gan Yuen

Kevin Gan Yuen is a musician and a graphic designer. He is a member of Circle of Eyes and Sutekh Hexen, and performs and records his solo work under his given name or Fermentæ. As viralOptic, he has created album artwork for the likes of Servile Sect, Tenhornedbeast, Al Qaeda, and GATES, and he has created limited edition gig posters for bands such as Triptykon, Merzbow, Thou, Wolves in the Throne Room, and Eyehategod. His desire is to build relationships in the music community and work outside of the internet with colleagues. For more information, please visit

(this week)

Brast Burn - "Debon"
I think rehearsal space-mate Andre or Andee recommended this highly rhythmic and hallucinogenic gem from Japan. Maybe it is the repetition combined with the instrumentation and ritualistic feeling they create; either way, this includes two lengthy, very dense and entrancing tracks that I really enjoy.

Dolorvotre - S/T
Another exceptional offering from the Black Twilight Circle tribes featuring members of Arizmenda. I cannot recommend this one enough: my copy of this tape is due to snap due from wear any day now. This duo conjure the same sensibilities that attracted me to the *LLN era
bands (*which IMO were collectively near-perfect) but Dolorvotre up the ante here and it delivers. Send this one into it's 666th pressing.

Thrones - "Alraune"
Yeah, Joe Preston: the one-man, sonic-wrecking ball and his vision has been blowing my mind since I discovered the "Sperm Whale" album and this one really kills it. I believe this was after he served his time with the Melvins and this specific release sonically covers all of what I love about his work: it is heavy as fuck, weird as hell and kind of scares me to think about what goes on inside of his head.

ZIZ - "Sjö"
If I remember correctly, at the beginning of this past Winter: Johannes was telling me about this experiment that he was planning on conducting that involved himself recording/finishing a new track each morning for an entire week. This 7-track album, appropriately titled Monday-Sunday in Icelandic is really something special: The compositions themselves are layers of
delicate guitar drones, field-recordings and haunting-melodies that literally are the soundtrack to one man's life and with that being said: this is a really powerful body of work. I am actually not sure if this was ever officially released or is only available digitally, but find it.

Lotus Eaters - "Wurmwulv" (LP version)
I think that most people reading this are already family with who is involved with Lotus Eaters. This lavish vinyl edition of their 4th (?) album was released by Taiga Records. I have to say, that this version really finally does the material justice. Upon first listen all the way through: I wasn't even sure that this was the same album, then I found out that all the tracks were re-worked by Plotkin; even the album art was completely different. Regarding the presentation, delivery and attention to detail: it is this kind of practice in flexibility and conscious use of resources that absolutely solidifies that great work thrives.

Vincent Gallo - "When"
True, Hitler was an asshole, but his paintings and sketches are pretty good... Yes, an actual album with sentimental lounge/jazz influenced songs written and performed by the controversial actor/artist Vincent Gallo. Despite what you have read and think about him you should really give this a listen, because it is really good.

(or finishing soon)

Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Jules Verne
This classic book is taking me forever to finish.

The Orange Eats the Creeps by Grace Krilanovich
This is a story about "vampires" in the Pacific Northwest, but they don't sparkle here...they are actually really scummy and they are around us at all times.


Zeitgeists Publishing said...

Best Friend ever!

Noah said...

'when' is one of the most underrated albums of EVER...

Anonymous said...

Very true regarding Dolorvorte - amazing material.

Kristján Fenrir said...

If I remember correctly, Jóhannes only released Sjö as a digital release.

Jóhannes G. Þorsteinsson said...
Sjö is a free (pay what you want) album. It was actually "released" physically, only 7 copies though.

Kevin Gan Yuen said...

if anybody cares, these never made the list proper, but were intended and recommended:

Aluk Todolo + Der Blutharsch 12"
Ringworm - "The Promise" CD
Miles Davis - "Live Evil" CD
The Ruins of Beverast - "Unlocking the Shrine" and "Rain Upon the Impure" 12" issues
Burial Hex - "Eschatology" cassette

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