Playlist: Scott Miller, Sutekh Hexen Part II

Wednesday's playlist featured the selections of Kevin Gan Yuen, who is one half of Sutekh Hexen. Today's playlist highlights the selections of Scott Miller, the other half of the mysterious blackened noise project, which will soon see the release of a 7 " on Deathsmile Records as they begin a West Coast Tour. They have released various (incredible) demo tapes, as well as the
Ordo Adversarial 7 " EP (also incredible), over the past year and a half. Scott has also played in Cattle Decapitation, Circle of Eyes, and Pro-Death.

Music in current rotation at my house that I have found to be enjoyable:


- Arizmenda “Without Circumference nor Center” (Crepusculo Negro)

My 6 year old daughter told me last night that the singer of this band sounds like he is making sheep noises, I laughed even though I wasn’t sure what she meant. When I put on the tape this morning after dropping her off at school I noticed that there are a few parts where he does come across like he is saying “baaaa baaaa”. Well regardless of the possible barn yard possession, I find this cassette to be my current favorite of the Black Twilight Circle releases. Very disturbing black metal. The recordings is raw and often times it is difficult to comprehend what is actually going on in the song, but the psychedelic undertones in the guitars and tortured approach of the vocals really pushes things into a massive wash of sounds. Amazing live band too, I might add.

- John Fahey “Best of John Fahey 1959-1977” (Takoma Records)

This would have to be included in my Desert Island collection too. John Fahey created some of the most amazing singled out finger-picked guitar I’ve ever heard. Melodic instrumental folk and blues songs. I know it has become “hip” to listen to Fahey, but this is one of those rare cases when the cool kids are actually jamming something that transcends the confines of ironic music listening.

- Hate Forest “Sorrow” (Totenkopf Propaganda)

This tape is fucking furious and fast yet extremely melodic. No synths or ambient tracks on this one, just no frills, punishing black metal. All of the songs ending abruptly with the recording being cut off adds a weird dimension to the overall listen.

- Karmic Void “Armageddon Sun” (Terratur Possessions)

Reverb-drenched punked-out black metal madness. I picked up this tape on a whim a few months ago and it sat on the shelf unlistened to until recently. Killer satanic vibe going on here featuring Atvar from Circle of Ouroborus.

- Laibach “The Occupied Europe Tour 1985” (Mute)

I am in no way crazy about the complete Laibach catalog, but this tape just blows me away. Super over the top repetitive industrial sounds with military-esque vocals. Very comforting for those late night joint sessions.

- Ovskum “Atto I-Atto II” (Insikt/Estrema)

This is a “best of” of sorts for this lo-fi depressive black metal project from Italy. Really bleak and upsetting, heavy on the monotony - which in this case is a great thing. I wouldn’t call this the reinvention of black metal by any stretch, but nonetheless they are creating music that breaches the generic mold.

- Sperm of Antichrist “Blight and Darkness” (Hells Headbangers)

This shit is gross! Down tuned nastiness with a heavy dose of Satanism. I have read an interview with these guys and still don’t know shit about them. Dense and powerful duo somehow related to the Hells Headbangers scene. Highly recommended!!!

- Sump “Taken Dead” (Titan Woods)

One of my current favorites in that whole punk/black metal scene that seems to be blowing up all over the place. This shit is raw, 2-piece guitar/drums from the UK. Rocking lo-fi madness! All of the Sump material that I have heard is awesome. I’m sure most people reading this already know about them, but if not it should be a priority.


- Herbie Hancock “Thrust” and “Man-Child” (Columbia/CBS)

I was in Los Angeles on tour when a friend of mine introduced me to this era of Herbie Hancock a few years ago. "Thrust" is a really killer jazz-rock fusion record, amazing synth sounds, deep funk going on. “Man-Child” is just great electronic funk, moog and ARP madness. Whereas I have probably listened to “Headhunters” and “Sextant” more than both of the LPs I put in this list, I find myself to flip these records over a few times before putting them back in the sleeves just as much as I have with the aforementioned records.

- Husker Du “Warehouse: Songs and Stories” (Warner Bros.)

Now before I receive the evil eye, yeah the more punk/faster era of Husker Du might be superior, but who can deny the massive melodic anthems on this 2xLP. “You left me standing in the rain.”

- Kerasphorus “Cloven Hooves at the Holocaust Dawn” (Nuclear War Now)

Short-lived SF band featuring members of Revenge, Angelcorpse/Order from Chaos and Horn of Dagoth. This 12” is so fucking disgusting, really brutal death-tinged black metal. This genre seems dime a dozen these days, but Kerasphorus showed up for a few minutes to show everyone how it’s properly done. I am yet to hear the final recordings, a 2-song 12” on NWN, but I imagine it’s just as mind blowing. I think lyrics for the most part are trite and I can go without, but Helmkamp’s approach to the occult is something worth a read in it of itself.

- Mercyful Fate “Melissa” (Megaforce)

When my 2nd daughter was born this was the first introduction she was given to music. One of my all-time favorite records. What needs to be said?

- The Rolling Stones “Flowers” (London)

Killer collection of early Stones songs that were either unavailable or hard to find on US releases. I have read many reviews that comment on how this collection was put together without much input from the Stones and just a way to generate interest and cash flow… Nice, I picked up my copy for $1.

- Scorpions “Fly to the Rainbow” (RCA)

This is one of those bands that most people in my age demographic seem to just overlook, but this isn’t that rock hair metal sound that Scorpions later adopted, Fly to the Rainbow is straight up garaged out rock in roll. The bass and drum sound alone on the open track; Speedy’s Coming destroys most everything in their career. This is the second Scorps record, the first was Lonesome Crow which had more of a psych blues feel to it than the psyched out hard rock of this record. Uli Roth is an insanely good guitar player…

- The Sisters of Mercy “First, Last and Always” (Elektra)

Catchy as fuck goth rock. This tops my list of Sister’s releases, total head bobbing, and foot tapping jams.

- Tubeway Army “First Album” (Attco)

It’s been said that Numan wrote these songs because punk had become fashionable, that should obviously be a red flag, but I can’t deny that he nailed it on this one. I don’t go too deep into Numan’s catalog, but I always find this album to be a warm welcome to a sound that got beaten to death in the years following. Check the dollar bins.


- Lycus “Demo 2011”

When I was handed this CDr at a show recently the guy told me that they played funeral doom, which is one of those terms that really bugs me, goddamn subgenre city. I put it in the CD player on the way home from the show and was really impressed with what I was heard though. Let’s get this out in the open right now, I really really enjoyed Asunder. I thought that they raised the bar so high that few bands have even managed to come close; Lycus though seem to be on the right path. The songs are slow and dense, the vocals are deep and guttural and the overall approach is extremely melodic in an Asunder kind of way. I wouldn’t call these guys a clone by any stretch though, but rather a continuation of something great. I am very much looking forward to seeing where these guys go with this. The demo was recorded at Ear Hammer in Oakland by Greg, so you know that shit sounds huge. I probably listened to these three songs 20xs before my wife snagged the CDr and it has since been in the CD player in the van…

- No Funeral “s/t 12 and 7 recordings”

I was excited when my friend, Ronald emailed me the tracks to his new band, No Funeral’s upcoming 12” and 7”. I had seen them play a few weeks prior and was really into their Bone Awl meets neanderfuck sound and these recordings capture that live sound really well. Punk as fuck songs with a distant black metal feel. NF isn’t about tech riffs and precise blasts, these guys are fucked up Bakersfield bread folks that are taking a fresh approach to the new wave of punk influenced black metal. Keep your ear to the ground for these guys.


Grimlin said...

i can't even listen to my Without Circumference nor Circle tape. the dub is way too fucked.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where I can hear that No Funeral stuff?

Scott SH said...

No Funeral has a 6 song 12" coming out this summer on Wands.

Anonymous said...

^^ can't wait.