Sun Devoured Earth

We all connect with music in very different ways. Sometimes, it's an intellectual thing, or a political thing, or perhaps we go bare-bones, get naked and connect with it on a very elemental level. The latter is generally the case for me, though I've been listening to music for so long that I've found music that I can connect to in such absurd ways that it just doesn't even make sense. For example, I don't know what part of me Peste Noire speaks to, but it says something to some part of me, no matter how ridiculous that sounds.

Sometimes it's just purely emotional. That is the case with one-man Latvian band Sun Devoured Earth. The music, which can not be easily classified, has elements of post-rock, shoegaze, black metal, post-punk, ambient, drone, and dreamy pop music, and that amalgamation brings stunning results. The music is often gloomy and depressing, and sometimes it helps me see that ray of hope even if it's not really there, but what is constant is that this music is always beautiful in a very profound and poignant way.

It's extreme music in the sense that the lows are very low, and the highs can be very high. At times, I feel like it could push me over the edge; at others, it feels as if it illuminates the fire in our hearts that gives us hope and pushes us forward. Regardless, this is greatness at work.

Prolificacy is the name of the game, here. Go to the Sun Devoured Earth BandCamp to check out the music and learn more. Though free downloads are available, I'd encourage you to support the artist if you can. You should also be interested in knowing that R. Loren at Handmade Birds will soon be releasing a 4xCDr boxed set of Sun Devoured Earth's 2011 releases, plus new material. Surely a must-have.

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