Utech Records Music Festival

The Utech Records Music Festival is tonight at The Cactus Club in Milwaukee, starting at 7:oo pm. The festival is only $20 at the door, which is a steal if you ask me, considering how incredible the lineup is. If you are able to attend, I absolutely encourage you to do so.

Luckily, for all of us that are unable to attend, KFJC will be providing live video and audio streams from the tonight's event on their website, and those in the San Francisco Bay Area will be able to listen to the festival audio on the radio on 89.7 FM. The stream starts at 5:oo pm PST.

The festival starts with a set from ITHI, whose album, The Persistence of Meaning, is one of three new Utech releases available in advance for those in attendance. Following ITHI are RM74 and Ural Umbo, Reto Mäder's solo project and his duo with Locrian drummer Steven Hess, respectively. After Ural Umbo are from William Fowler Collins and GOG, whose collaborative recording, Malpais, is the second of the new releases being made available. James Plotkin and Jon Mueller will be collaborating for their set after Collins and GOG have finished. They will be followed by sets from House of Low Culture and Mamiffer, the latter of which recently began work on a collaborative recording with Locrian. After Mamiffer plays, Locrian will hit the stage for a bit before the headliner, Horseback, comes on to conclude the festival. Horseback and Locrian's collaborative vinyl release, New Dominions, is the third of the new Utech releases available for attendees.

For those not in attendance, the three new releases will be available from Utech Records on June 18th.

Over the past few months, we've managed to gather playlists from all of tonight's participants.


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