Alpinist/Masakari Split LP and Enth LP, from Halo of Flies

Munster, Germany's Alpinist meets Cleveland, Ohio's Masakari to present pure hardcore punk brutality. These bands mean business; they are concerned with little more than playing this shit the way it's supposed to be played. Ferocious, furious, and unrelenting. Not only are they bringing the split LP, they're touring together as well. Be sure to see them if they hit your town, because you're really not going to want to hear everyone talking about it the next day when you missed it for no good reason. Seriously, don't miss this. 180 gram vinyl with 11x17 poster. The first 40 preorders get marble grey/black, the rest get black.

Get this together with the new LP from Poland's purveyors of sonic suicide, Enth. High-quality melodic funeral doom. Comes with printed inner sleeve and download card. Halo of Flies only has 50, so hustle.

These are available for $12 ppd (in the US) each, or for $20 if you're getting both. Beyond reasonable pricing. The repress of the Northless DLP is up as well. If you don't have that, then you're missing out. A crushing double album of killer sludge. Show Cory at Halo of Flies some love.

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