Call From the Grave- Issue 1

Best new metal zine to come out in a long time. Call From the Grave. This is a spiritually focused zine, written by a Christian. Don't let that dissuade you at all - everything here is of the very highest quality. Every piece, every question is aimed at truth and meaning of one sort or another. This was written thoughtfully, with thorough care and attention. Contains interviews - all of which were conducted between September 2010 and April 2011 - with Watain, Ascension, Necros Christos, Mgla, and many others. I can't recommend this enough; it hasn't left my sight since I received it about a week ago. There are various distros that have this - I'll let you do the work in finding it.

I could write to the author of this via email and thank him for putting something like this together, but I think I will write to him via snail mail, the way we did things before the internet made everything so simple, and made us so lazy.

Seek this out, you will be rewarded.

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