Circle of Ouroboros - Eleven Fingers & Gates - They Hide in the Shadows

A band that intrigues me, to say the least. I've always wanted to enjoy them, but never have been able to. Something about the vocals have turned me off.

Still, nothing piques my interest quite like another new record from Finland's guardians of experimental, dissonant, and heavy music that defies categorization, Circle of Ouroborus. The LP that was released by Hospital Productions a few months back was excellent, the first CoO release that I've fully enjoyed. And now, I know the stars must be aligning in the correct fashion, because I'm really excited for this new record, titled Eleven Fingers, to come out on R. Loren's (Pyramids, White Moth, Sailors with Wax Wings) Handmade Birds label.

I have not heard a second of the music on this record, but I can almost guarantee that it will leave you wanting more. Trust me on this one. And trust me again - this LP WILL sell out.  Pre-Order it now from Handmade Birds.

CORRECTION: One listen and I am sold up the damn river.  I have now heard this, and I guarantee it will be on many year-end best-of lists. It's amazing. Pardon the cliche, but forget everything you know.  This is revolutionary in what it does for honest, raw, intelligent and organic music. I dare say it's visionary. Melancholy post-punk (if you can call it that) like you've never heard it before. Seriously, hustle to get this one. Don't regret it later when it's gone.

While you're there, and while it's still available, please do yourself a favor and grab a copy of the severely limited new CD by Gates, entitled They Hide in the Shadows. Dark ambient music that will prohibit you from getting comfortable. And keep in mind, this is a live rendition of the amazing Moth Have Eaten the Core. Seriously awesome music that I can not recommend enough. Mr. Bray continues to impress. Get this one here.

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