Heinali and Matt Finney, Ain't No Night

I try not to put too much of myself in these reviews (I know, I've failed at that) because seriously - who the hell really cares what I think? I wouldn't. And I don't expect anyone else to, but in some cases, it's unavoidable. I've been listening to this record for about a month, and it had become difficult to put into words just what I felt was being communicated with this record. Confusion, disappointment, desperation...these are all factors in what I heard. But what I'm really hearing is more visceral, more... tangible, if you will. And laugh if you will, but it came to me in a dream.

All I can hear when I listen to this record, now, is falling. The sound of a small child falling from their bed. The sound of an angel falling from heaven. The sound of all matter falling into the voided nothingness of a black hole. The sound of a hero falling from grace. The sound of a suicidal man falling from the ledge. The sounds of falling into shear lunacy.

There may be no better band on Earth to push this sound. And on this album, everything that made Heinali and Matt Finney so irresistibly hypnotic has been amped up and taken to new levels. It's an extreme record, no doubt. The swirling, droning, hypnotic guitars are as swirling as ever, enough to make one disoriented, lost, dazed and confused in the vast layers of pure energy. Like you've been knocked down, now stricken with amnesia,  bordering on dementia.

The plain, spoken-word prose of Matt Finney has become more gruff, seemingly more angry... perverse even. Where have we fallen from? And where are we now? One line of Matt's prose seems to stick with me after every listen to the album, and sort of haunts me: "It helps to believe that there really is redemption" (from the opening track, "In All Directions"). When we fall, can we be lifted up? Whether we can or not, I understand why people believe that they can, that they will be redeemed... be it by their family, their faith, their sense of self.

This is the soundtrack to pondering those thoughts. It has been for me, at least. The imagery is always there.

This goes up for preorder from Paradigms Recordings on August 1st, the same day that the video for the title track will first be seen. The preorder package is rumored to include a t-shirt. Keep your eyes open, and be sure to order one when you can.

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