Ludicra No More

Ludicra has been a great band for a long time, but they have now officially called it quits. It was an undeniably good run, which culminated in last years The Tenant (which just happened to be one of the year's better releases and sounds just about damned perfect on vinyl as I type this). I am thankful that I finally got to see them play at O'Brien's in Allston, Massachusetts last year with Krallice and Tombs. Twas a great show, and Ludicra owned it. If I recall correctly, Ludicra opened the show, while Tombs was the headliner, and that seems awfully backwards to me (no disrespect to Tombs).

In any case, all support and respect to Aesop and the rest of the Ludicra crew. Go over to their website now and grab a t-shirt , LP or CD now so you can 1) enjoy them instead of them taking up space in storage somewhere, and 2) help the band pay some bills. The prices have been cut in half, so you've no excuse not to grab something.

All good things come to an end... farewell, Ludicra.


Adam said...

Sadness becomes me!

NB said...

The most genuine band. Ludicra was something else. Much love.

Media Tree said...