Necros Christos, Doom of the Occult 2xLP

The band's first release in four years, and it is every bit as good as we could have expected. Dark, evil, and menacing, yet intricate and superbly intelligent. The 23 compositions on this album, amassing 73+ minutes of music, are very good, and this is no doubt a step up from 2007's Triune Impurity Rites. To be honest, the album is quite spellbinding, taking influence from not only death and black metal, but from doom and classic heavy metal as well. The musicianship is exquisite, and brings the deadly, sinister character of the music into focus more clearly than any of their previous work. The CD has been available since March, but the long-awaited double vinyl edition is finally available from none other than the Ajna Offensive. Starts shipping on July 8th.

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