Panopticon/Wheels Within Wheels Splits

The mighty Panopticon has once again teamed up with Louisville's Wheels Within Wheels to offer up a new split CD via Pagan Flames.  The Panopticon tracks are terrific, as usual. Austin brings a new level of ambiance into one of the tracks, making it one of his most beautiful and powerful songs thus far. Panopticon continue to push his sound further and further, continuously taking it in new directions and introducing new elements. I have not heard the WWW songs, but if Crow's previous work is any indication, they're mammoth and mind-bending. The guy is a tremendous artist.

Pagan Flames has also stepped up to reissue the first split the two bands did, It's Later Than You Think. The Panopticon tracks are a precursor to the Collapse album, and since it was the first WWW release, it shows the very early, raw state of the band at the time. Crushing.

Sometimes splits are more convenient than anything else, or matters of targeted marketing, but these splits couldn't be more natural. Austin and Crow are good friends and play together in Seidr, so there is more here than shared digital space.

These are available for preorder right now from Pagan Flames - $8 ppd each, or $15 for both.

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