Planning For Burial - Late Twenties Blues CS

This is not an official Music Runs Lives release, but since Thom runs the label, he can do whatever he wants, including using it to distribute his own self-released new cassette called Late Twenties Blues. If you're familiar with Planning for Burial (and for goodness sake why wouldn't you be?), you probably know what to expect here.  Heavy on the gloom, heavy on the sad, and extra-heavy on the oh-so-good. Planning for Burial is one of those bands that doesn't know how to put out a bad song. Every single song in the catalog makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. For those of you not in the know, I'm not going to try and categorize it for you. Elements of shoegaze, slowcore, drone, folk, and even metal find there way into the mix, though none of those work on their own as a fair descriptor. You just need to hear it.

In any case, Thom is going on tour, and since it costs so damn much (yes, car culture sucks in more ways than one), Planning for Burial is going to rip you off and steal your money. But you'll get a pretty nice cassette for it, and a t-shirt designed by Nate from Vit, if you're interested. Pre-order them both now from the Music Ruins Lives bigcartel shop. The CS is limited to 50 copies, and since you'll cry whether you get one or not, you may as well get one. Support!

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